White House Petition

Most states, including the state I live in, New Mexico, do not provide insurance coverage for infertility treatments. It is absurd that two people with infertility in the same country, with the same job, but in different states have different coverage. I am a teacher in NM and my cousin is a teacher in NJ. […]

18 weeks

I can’t believe I am 18 weeks pregnant with our little science miracle! A lot has happened since my last post. I’m not sure why I haven’t been updating, except that I know I’ve been super busy and therefore super tired. I mentioned awhile ago that I wanted to start documenting the pregnancy more, but […]

16 weeks

Well, after my last post I guess it seems like I kind of fell off the face of the earth. I was feeling quite sick most of the day and night and just didn’t have the energy to post anything. I still have never puked, so for that I am grateful, but many days I felt […]

Eeeeek! Brain on overdrive

I am 10w5d today. I had my weekly ultrasound on Friday at 10w2d and was measuring 10w3d. The baby had its hands over its eyes when it popped up on the screen – it was adorable. Dr. C said it was sleeping and we tried to wake it up, which we did, but it didn’t […]

9 weeks 2 days

I’m a little late in updating my blog this week. On Friday we were 9 weeks 2 days and measuring perfectly. It’s getting harder and harder to not get our hopes up about this little one. Friday’s ultrasound was the first time we really connected with this tiny baby that was moving around like crazy! […]

Thank you all soooo much!

I need to thank you all, from the bottom of my heart, for your reassuring, supportive, and compassionate responses to my freak out last night. I don’t know what I’d do without all of you!!!! I was able to get in to see my RE first thing this morning and everything is fine. We have […]

Freaking Out. PTSD or not?!

I am totally bugging out. I have been so nauseous the past bunch of days and have barely been able to eat anything other than pasta and butter, bread and butter, crackers and cheese, and cereal. Today I woke up feeling pretty much fine. I feel like my boobs aren’t as sore too. I am […]


*This post mentions aspects of pregnancy and miscarriage. Please feel free to skip it if you want.   Just a quick update. Last time on this day we found out that something was wrong with our little one’s yolk sac. There was some debris, and it was just a tad bit large. I believe we […]

Beta Hell & Thankfully Living Through Our Own Personal Celestine Prophecy

Well, it’s been quite an interesting weekend. Friday afternoon and evening was a shit show around here. Yelling at and questioning the universe. You know the drill, the “Why the fuck is this so unfair?”, “Why us?”, “What the hell did we do wrong? I don’t even believe in karma anymore! We’re good people! What […]


Beta did not double. 😦 Today’s beta is only 230. It was 153 on Wednesday. That’s a doubling time of like 80 hours. That can’t possibly be any sort of good. It only doubled by 50%. I hate infertility! Why is this sooo fucking hard?!?!?! Why can’t anything be cut and dry with us? This sucks. […]


Well it seems as though I am pretty predictable. I did a great job this week with bedrest and keeping myself feeling positive. I guess I did that last cycle too. I checked out my blog posts from my fresh IVF cycle and it seems that I felt the same way then as I do […]