I don’t know where else to cry but here I am… My baby is almost a year old and I am so overwhelmed with emotion. I never thought I would have a child, much less have one that is biologically both mine and my husband’s. It took us 8 years, rounds of iuis and ivfs, & miscarriage to finally get our miracle baby. He got pertussis at 8 months, which was the scariest thing in the world, and he has been exclusively breastfed. I am overwhelmed with emotion to see my baby growing into an incredibly beautiful and independent child. I am in awe of single-parents, and saddened by those that do not cherish every second of their childrens’ lives. I am overwhelmed with grateful bliss at this moment. Ahhhh….. I am so lucky and I can only hope that one day my little guy will have a sibling to grow up with. I feel horrible even saying that. I am an emotional mess.


2 thoughts on “Crying

  1. Oh boy!! Whooping cough?? That is scary. The vaccine didnt work for it!! I can just imagine how scared you all must be.

    Happy birthday little one! It is an emotional time. Be proud mama, your little one is growing to be a young toddler.

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