40 weeks 4 days – Keytar’s “late” and now everyone is driving me insane! AND this is my 100th post – so that means it’s time to come out Keytar!

Everyone is driving me crazy! I know everyone is just excited and wants to know when Baby Keytar arrives – but I can’t stand all of the texts and questioning! He/She will arrive when good and ready and we will tell you! It’s hard enough not knowing when my body is going to go into labor – I don’t need your pressure. I stopped answering everyone yesterday – they can text or call hubby if they need to (except my parents and brother). Ok, rant over.

Yes, Baby Keytar is still baking to perfection in there. We had a midwife appointment on Wednesday, the 24th, our due date. After much discussion, we decided to do a cervical check. My cervix was posterior, so she had to pull it a bit in front of baby’s head, which was not pleasant and caused me to bleed for several hours, but it stopped and all was fine. Anyway, I was not dilated at all, 60% effaced, and baby’s head was at zero station. I guess the dilation and effacement don’t necessarily mean anything at all, except that I couldn’t have my membrane’s swept. But, my midwife was very happy about where baby’s head is, so we’re happy about that too. It means he/she fits and progress is happening.

Thursday and Friday I went and had my acupuncturist do aggressive treatments with induction points and some electroacupuncture. We figured we don’t want me to have to have an induction, or even get to next Wednesday (41 weeks), when I have a BPP and NST scheduled, so I’m going hardcore with the acupuncture treatments. I lost my mucus plug on Thursday, early evening.  Let’s just do this naturally, at the birth center, before Wednesday – please Baby Keytar?! Hopefully, all the bouncing on the birth ball, walking miles upon miles each day, acupuncture, and massaging my acupressure points will get this show on the road in the next couple days. Today we tried the driving on a bumoy road trick and took a morning trip back to Diamondtail Ranch, where we went the day after we found out my hcg wasn’t doubling and had our celestine prophecy day. We saw the cowboy, some petroglyphs, and some Wild horses. Hopefully the magical energy of the place and the bumpy road helped? Friday night we ate spicy New Mexican food and last night we had eggplant parm. I’m trying everything on the lists of ways to naturally induce. At least we’ll get our Libra baby! 🙂

40 weeks 3 days

40 weeks 3 days


15 thoughts on “40 weeks 4 days – Keytar’s “late” and now everyone is driving me insane! AND this is my 100th post – so that means it’s time to come out Keytar!

  1. I truly still remember the discomforts of being VERY pregnant! Just remember a “normal” pregnancy is between 38 and 42 weeks, so you’re still in the range of normal 🙂 Keytar will come out when ready! Wishing you strength to live through each day, and THEN the best reward will be waiting!

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