37 weeks & we’re pretty much ready! Nursery & Quilt are done!

How Far Along: 37 weeks 3 days (Whhhaaaaaaaattttt?!!!)

How Big is Baby: Yesterday our ultrasound weighed baby in at 7 lbs. 4 oz. (but we were reminded that at this late in the game there is a margin of error – I’ve heard anywhere from 1/2 – 1 lb.) The perinatologists’ computer told us that the projected weight at 39 weeks is 7 lbs. 15 oz.

Gender: Not finding out (but we’re pretty sure it’s a boy!) I can’t believe we made it this far without someone slipping!

Baby’s Milestones This Week: Baby’s brain & lungs are still developing and he/she is still plumping up!

Total Weight Gain: 27 lbs

Who We’ve Told About the Pregnancy: I think mostly everyone knows now.

Maternity Clothes: yup, and they are S-T-R-E-T-C-H-E-D or short!

Stretch Marks: not really. the ones I got on my breasts at the start of my pregnancy have pretty much faded (weird) and still no sign of anything to speak of on my belly! Hoping it stays that way!

Sleep: Drinking CALM (magnesium) before bed has helped a lot! But it’s not wonderful sleep, but I can’t really complain – it could be MUCH worse!

Best Moment of the Week: Making it to 37 weeks, which is the “green zone” to have the baby at the birth center legally!!!! 37 weeks?!?!?! Whoa!!!! AND, our last growth ultrasound yesterday was perfect, so we are done with the perinatologist (& no more dietician/ diabetes educator either – All of my numbers have been superb so we didn’t even meet with her yesterday.) 

Food Cravings: pizza, sushi, pasta

Food Aversions: none

Symptoms: big belly; baby pushing butt out to one side and feet out the other side causing a very sore left side of my uterus; gestational diabetes; getting more tired, sore finger joints after/during sleep (carpal tunnel)

Labor Signs: Nope, not yet. Baby is low and I can feel just how low he/she is, which is making walking much more difficult. 

Belly Button In or Out: Out, but it’s not one of those crazy pointy outies, lol

Wedding Rings On or Off: Off for awhile now but it still feels weird. I can’t wait to put it back on. My fingers aren’t really swollen, but I’m just leaving it off because after I exercise or if I get hot then it does get tight.

Mood: excited!

Movement: Lots of pushing his/her butt out to one side of my belly button and a foot or hand out the side of my belly. My left side of my uterus is sore.

What I’m Looking Forward To: Meeting Baby Keytar and becoming a mommy!

What I Miss: I miss not having to count carbs and test my blood and being able to eat whatever I want.

Nesting: We spent our 4 day weekend last weekend cooking like crazy people! We made and froze a ton of healthy, almost 100% organic food!!! 4 quiches, 5 chicken pot pies, lasagna with homemade sauce, baked ziti with homemade sauce, raspberry/blueberry/strawberry oatmeal muffins, a bunch of red and green chile sauce, chicken noodle soup, broccoli cheese soup, lactation cookie dough, energy bites, and i think that might be it, although I feel like I’m forgetting stuff. My mom also made meatballs and sauce, as well as chili, while she was here, so we have that too. We’re stocked and stoked! I can NOT wait to be able to et all of it! In addition to food, we finished setting up the changing area in our bedroom and the nursery is complete. I finished the curtains for the nursery and was able to turn the leftover fabric into curtains for my hubby’s bathroom. I also finished the baby quilt and I love it! I also strung up all the prayer flags people made us so they are ready to go! We’re trying to keep the house nice and clean at this point also, so when we get home everything is nice and clean and in order. (It’s not as easy as it sounds with 3 dogs and 3 cats and all their furr!) And this morning we did my belly cast- which is looking pretty awesome! I plan on trimming it up in a few days, sanding it down & smoothing it out, and probably making it bronze, like a sculpture.

37w2d bump

37w2d bump

belly cast 37w3d

the rough belly cast. I’ll post photos when I get around to finishing it all up.

nursery from doorway

view of the nursery from the doorway

The crib, Calder-inspired mobile, and the quilt we made

The crib, Calder-inspired mobile, and the quilt we made

The crane mobile we bought at a farmer's market in May. It has been hanging in the nursery as we've worked on it. It says "Healing", which was certainly part of the process while creating this nursery and going through this pregnancy.

The crane mobile we bought at a farmer’s market in May. It has been hanging in the nursery as we’ve worked on it. It says “Healing”, which was certainly part of the process while creating this nursery and going through this pregnancy.

Calder-inspired mobile

Calder-inspired mobile

nursery with ceilingnursery looking up east curtains closed

nursery looking SE curtains closednursery looking SE curtains opennursery hutchchanging area with closetchanging area & closet

Quilt Top

Quilt Top

Quilt Back

Quilt Back

quilt front closeup

quilt front closeup

Quilt Front Closeup

Quilt Front Closeup

Quilt Back Closeup

Quilt Back Closeup



16 thoughts on “37 weeks & we’re pretty much ready! Nursery & Quilt are done!

    • Yea, I am sooo looking forward to eating it all after eating the same stuff for the past couple months! Thank you! We painted the furniture with chalkboard paint- so glad we left the drawers on the dresser raw!

  1. The nursery and quilt look awesome! I love orange for baby! That belly cast is amazing, and I’m sure it’ll look even better when you’re done with it. Can’t wait for baby Keytar to arrive and for mama to enjoy all that food!

  2. So excited for you hon! You’re so close now! You look great. Enjoy these next few weeks of final nesting and hopefully relaxing a bit before little Keytar arrives. Can’t wait for your birth announcement! Love the nursery and especially that quilt! Beautiful!

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