24 & 25 weeks AND a big sorry to you all

I want to start by apologizing for appearing to be so lame lately on commenting on posts. My computer up and died of old age and I’ve been using my phone to read posts lately. I have been commenting but realized the other day that NONE of the comments actually publish when I use my phone! Apparently this has been the case for months!!! I will be getting a new ohone soon. So it seems like only my likes are showing up. I just got a new laptop so I will start commenting again. I did not turn into a self-absorbed pregnant lady who forgot all of you. I’ve been following along with everyone and trying to stay involved. I’m glad I figured out that none of my comments were publishing so I don’t waste any more of my time typing out comments on my itty bitty phone screen- jeesh.

Anyway, I didn’t post last week, so I’m doubling up this week for weeks 24 & 25. We had a midwife appointment at 23w5d, which went perfectly well. Heartbeat was 152 and my first fundal height measurement was 25cm. It was a pretty uneventful appointment, which is how I like it. We have our next appointment at 26w1d to do a bunch of tests including bloodwork and gestational diabetes.  I’ll go back a few days after for my Rhogam shot. I’m pretty nervous about the gestational diabetes test!!! That would suck!!!

We also had our perinatal appointment for an ultrasound at 23w6d and were able to get some 3d shots as well. They’re pretty weird but also very cool! Baby Keytar was moving around for hours and the ultrasound took forever because he/she wouldn’t really cooperate. (Kinda sucky for the tech but more time for us to see our baby!) But then of course when we got to the 3d part Keytar decided to snuggle up against the placenta and didn’t want to give us very good shots. We did get a super cute shot of him/her with his/her foot up against the head with big toe in the forehead. Keytar was folded right in half- little yoga star. Pretty adorable. Heartbeat was 157 and he/she was measuring in the 62nd percentile, which earned us “an A+” according to the nurse. At 23w6d Keytar was 1lb. 9 oz. We decided will not go back for another ultrasound until mid-July at 30 weeks.

In addition to our appointments, we’ve been enjoying nesting, shopping, relaxing, and doing summer stuff. My birthday was also this week on my 25 week mark. Hello 34! This was the first bday in many, many years that was not sad and depressing. Sooooo thankful!

How Far Along: 25 weeks 3 days

How Big is Baby: 11 days ago Keytar was weighing in at 1 lb. 9 oz. He/She is now bigger than an ear of corn, about the size of a rutabaga .

Gender: Not finding out (but we’re pretty sure it’s a boy!)

Baby’s Milestones This Week: In the last couple weeks Keytar’s lungs have been developing “branches” of the respiratory “tree” as well as cells that produce surfactant, a substance that will help his/her air sacs inflate once he/she hits the outside world. He/She is starting to plump up with some fat and stretch out that wrinkly skin, as well as growing more hair.

Total Weight Gain: about 16 lbs

Who We’ve Told About the Pregnancy: I think most people who should know now know

Maternity Clothes: yup! Got some more hand-me-downs which is fun! A few of my old skirts and sundresses fit, but I’m mostly in maternity clothes now.

Stretch Marks: No new ones

Sleep: Depends – hips hurt if I lay on one side too long and I have to pee often, but sleep hasn’t been terrible overall.

Best Moment of the Week: Our ultra long ultrasound and the 3d ultrasound (COOLEST thing was seeing the punches and kicks on the screen at the same time I was feeling them and seeing my belly move!), our midwife appointment (hearing the heartbeat is always neat!), Viability Day at 24 weeks!!! and my 34th birthday at the 25 week mark.

Food Cravings: nectarines, lemonade, sweets (although I don’t indulge in that craving often), craved Doritos the other day

Food Aversions: none! Loving most food!

Symptoms: kicks, punches, flips in my growing baby belly; lovely (NOT!) chest/shoulder/back acne (It could be much worse and I am very thankful it’s staying away from my face but I’ve never had pimples on my back/chest/shoulders before so I’m not into that); stretching uterus; huge boobs with blue veins; itchy stretching skin

Labor Signs: NOOOOO!!!!! And stay away!

Belly Button In or Out: still flat but I’m still thinking it will pop.

Wedding Rings On or Off: on but when it’s hot I can feel it getting very tight

Mood: Mostly wonderful, thankful, feeling blessed. Of course, the hormones kick in and grab control every once in awhile but I’m almost exclusively feeling wonderful! Everyday, multiple times per day, I am overwhelmed with happiness, excitement, and in awe of this pregnancy!!! I just can not get over how crazy it is that I have an actual healthy baby inside of me!

Movement: yes! kicks, punches, flips. Mostly when I wake up in the morning, when I change sides at night, after eating, and at night before bed.

What I’m Looking Forward To: Getting my gestational diabetes test done and hopefully passing (fingers crossed!!!!); going home to NJ in a week and a half to see my family, friends, and have my family baby shower! Whaaat?!?! WE GET A BABY SHOWER FOR A REAL TO-BE BABY?!?!

What I Miss: I really wanted a mimosa the other day when we went out for breakfast. I haven’t wanted any alcohol since I got pregnant but something about a bubbly orange juice just sounds sooo good! I also totally miss Caesar salads, mousse, feta and goat cheese!!!!

Nesting: Yup! Checking things off the list!

24 week bump24 weeks

25 week bump my 34 bday25 weeks – My 34th bday!


10 thoughts on “24 & 25 weeks AND a big sorry to you all

  1. You look lovely! Try mixing mineral/bubbly water with orange juice or other fruit juices for a delicious and refreshing drink! AND, my personal opinion is, that being as far along as you are, a few sips of alcohol (like in a mimosa) really can’t hurt you or your baby!

  2. Happy belated birthday! I’m so happy things continue to go so well, and I’ll keep my fingers crossed that you pass the GD test with flying colors.

  3. You look gorgeous hon. Sooo happy all is continuing to go well with you and Keytar! Hope your glucose test comes back normal. Happy belated birthday!

  4. Good luck on the glucose test, I fasted before mine to try to pass (but I still failed by 2 points!). You look wonderful and it sounds like you are feeling great as well! Wonderful news that everything is going so well!

  5. You look awesome! I’m so thrilled that everything is going well and that Keytar is growing beautifully, exactly as s/he should. Good luck with your GD test (don’t stress–there’s nothing you can do to make it better other than fast until your test, which I recommend) and have so much fun at the shower!

  6. You look so beautiful! I’m 25 weeks tomorrow and I feel just as you do- but my bub is 1 llb 13 oz (just over 800g) and it’s back breaking work already!! I’ll be following your journey with interest!!

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