20 weeks! Half-Baked!

Whoa!!! Half-way there! YES! It’s pretty unbelievable. Last night I told my husband that every morning I wake up and look to see if my baby bump is still there. It’s still so surreal, but ultrasounds always make it feel so much more real. And then there’s the movement. That helps too. Yesterday we had our 20 week ultrasound and everything looks great!!! Yay!!!! Baby Keytar wasn’t as cooperative as the tech would have liked, but she was able to get all of the measurements she needed (and with the baby standing on it’s head and being stubborn, we got to see him/her longer than if he/she was cooperative, so that was a bonus.) The only negative about Keytar being uncooperative is that taking good photos was difficult, so our profile photo is blurry. But I blame the tech, not the baby. We’ve had really great techs in the past but this one was training someone and we weren’t impressed with her at all. Anyway, the most important thing is that Keytar looks perfectly healthy with a heartbeat of 147.

How Far Along: 20 weeks! Half-way baby!

How Big is Baby: Baby Keytar measured 9 3/4 inches and weighed 11 oz. yesterday (51st percentile 🙂 )

Gender: Not finding out.

Baby’s Milestones This Week: Keytar is swallowing more this week, good practice for his/her digestive system. After he/she takes in amniotic fluid, his/her body absorbs the water in the liquid and moves the rest into his/her large bowel. In his/her bowel, a sticky by-product of his/her digestive system, called meconium, accumulates. 

Total Weight Gain: about 12 lbs.

Who We’ve Told About the Pregnancy: I think the only new people who know now are Sarah and Kenny.

Maternity Clothes: yes

Stretch Marks: no new ones. (just the same ones on my boobs)

Sleep: Sleep had been going better, but last night was a toss and turn night. Hopefully tonight will be better.

Best Moment of the Week: Seeing Keytar on the ultrasound screen for a long time yesterday! Best part was a perfect view of his/her absolutely perfectly adorable foot from below. And last night, hubby was able to feel lots of kicks and turns before bed. Oh, and of course, getting to the half-way mark! Woot! Oh, and I almost forgot… We brought cards and gifts to our RE’s office yesterday. We hadn’t been there in soooo long (10 weeks!) and everyone was soooo happy to see us and my bump. Hubby made glass pendants for our nurses and the receptionists and a glass paperweight for Dr. C. Dr. C was very busy but he came out to see us and gave us big hugs and asked us how everything was going. As soon as word got out we were there, there was a flood of activity in the waiting area. Thank god there was only one patient in the waiting area. I wore a sweater to cover my bump because I didn’t want to be the pregnant girl in the office, but everyone who worked there made such a huge deal about us. It was very sweet and everyone was very grateful for the gifts. I miss them all still, but of course I am glad we are outta there.

Food Cravings: Changes everyday – right now I like food a lot. I guess this week’s new craving is chocolate pudding. Zen organic almond milk pudding is delicious!

Food Aversions: None in particular at the moment. Yay!!!

Symptoms: movement, baby bump

Labor Signs: NO thank you!

Belly Button In or Out: shallow and STRETCHED

Wedding Rings On or Off: On

Mood: Wonderful!

Movement: Yes! A lot! I’m starting to see patterns, but overall, this baby tends to move a lot. I’m so ecstatic that hubby got to spend so much time feeling all sorts of movements and kicks last night. It was right after he read to him/her. (Hubby has been reading to Keytar before bed each night, which is adorable.)

What I’m Looking Forward To: I can not wait for the semester to end next week! And I can’t wait for the nursery to be finished being painted. Hopefully the closet shelves will be finished tomorrow.

What I Miss: Not having a double chin in my photos! Not having back pimples, although it could be worse, and I’ll take some pimples on my back over my face any day!

Nesting: working on the nursery, but been super busy with work stuff so I haven’t had much time to do anything other than work and sleep this week.

Here’s my 20 week bump. It was super windy here in NM today so my hair is kinda crazy, but it was the best we could do.



18 thoughts on “20 weeks! Half-Baked!

  1. You look amazing! Love that you got a good foot photo. My favorite pic from our 20 week u/s (other than the profile) is baby girl touching her toes!

    • Thank you!!! I saw your photos of Aymara (what a great name!) and she is absolutely beautiful! Congrats Mommy!!! Great to hear from you! Many hugs!!! XXXXX

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