16 weeks

Well, after my last post I guess it seems like I kind of fell off the face of the earth. I was feeling quite sick most of the day and night and just didn’t have the energy to post anything. I still have never puked, so for that I am grateful, but many days I felt like I just wanted to because maybe it would make me feel better. Anyway, my mother came to visit for the past week so I started taking B6 and ginger capsules a few days before she arrived, and they seem to have worked! I don’t know for sure if it was the timing or the supplements but I have started feeling much better and regained some energy over the past week. I couldn’t be happier! As a pregnant infertile, the last thing I want to do is complain, but I was really getting sick of feeling so awful all day everyday! It was really hard to try to enjoy pregnancy when I could barely get up off the couch, nor could I eat well. Hopefully that is mostly all in the past now. I am still dealing with these mild headaches often but they are bearable and much better than the constant nausea. 

Anyway, I am 16 weeks today. I had my first anatomy scan yesterday and everything looks perfect! Baby Keytar (that’s our silly name for this will-be music-lovin’ baby) is measuring 3 days ahead and above the 75th percentile! Eek! 7 inches 5 oz. yesterday! No worries though, doc and tech say everything is perfect! We will go back for the 20 week anatomy scan in 4 weeks for a more detailed scan, since Keytar is still a bit small at this stage for ALL of the measurements. It was by far the most incredible hour of our lives thus far. We saw everything! (well, everything except for midline since we want the sex to be a surprise). Everything is starting to feel so real now and is soooo exciting! Like I said, my mom came to visit this past week. She brought us some baby stuff and my husband cried at almost everything. He is so adorable! We also started doing some baby shopping! CRAZY! I have also been given a bunch of hand-me-down baby stuff from friends that have been holding onto it FOREVER for me, waiting for me to FINALLY get pregnant.

And the biggest news of the week is that my belly popped! My mom took me clothes shopping at Motherhood Maternity and I felt so stupid walking in there. I felt like I didn’t belong there at all – until I tried on the first outfit and looked in the mirror! Holy shit! I looked so pregnant! I teared up. I still can’t believe I have a baby belly! I walk past windows and mirrors and don’t even recognize myself. It makes me cry. Everything makes me and Mr. Wannabe cry. We are just so overwhelmed with emotion. This is all so unreal! We have waited soooooooo long for this and it is so incredibly surreal. 

Oh, and in addition, we had our first midwife appointment at the natural birthing center (www.daraluzbirthcenter.org) and it was amazing. We got to hear the baby’s heartbeat on the doppler for the first time. I am so excited about everything! And all of a sudden, time is no longer going super slowly! I can’t believe I’m 16 weeks!!! I can’t believe I’m finally truly happy. Thank you universe!!!!

I’ve been so busy with being sick, my mom visiting, and teaching at the university that I haven’t had much time to update. Even this post is pretty lame. I can’t wait for this semester to be over. I will try to post more often. I am dying to find some time to work on my IVF scrapbook and scan my ultrasound photos to this blog, as well as a baby bump photo! I am making a scrapbook for Keytar but I also want this blog to continue to document this miracle pregnancy because I’m not writing a lot in the scrapbook. Well, unfortunately now I need to go grade papers, even though I am dying to take a nap. Maybe I’ll take a nap first…


13 thoughts on “16 weeks

  1. Such fantastic news (other than the sickness), but since you’re well into the second tri now, hopefully the worst of it is past. Isn’t it so wonderful to see that bump? I can’t stop staring at mine; it’s a badge of honor. Enjoy everything as you start to feel better, because the time will fly by. I’m just so thrilled for you that everything is going so well, and–lucky you–you’ll get to see Baby Keytar again in four short weeks.

  2. I loved loved loved seeing my reflection in windows when I was out. Enjoy this…I love having Sammy, but I do miss being preggers…it was such an amazing time. It goes so fast! Hugs xx

  3. So glad things are still going well! The marveling at yourself in the mirror won’t stop anytime soon. At 26 weeks right now I am in constant awe of what is happening with my body. Enjoy it (as much as you can between naps and the like…).

  4. Hi there,

    Just came across your wonderful blog. How amazing you are this far along, it will all be fine from now i hope for you. Enjoy every second!

    I have had 2 fresh ivf cycles (currently on 3rd) and 3 fets. During those cycles i have lost twins and a blighted ovum. My OTD is today for this 3rd cycle. I went for bloods this morning, just waiting for results. Ive been doing frer tests and they havent got any darker so im thinking a chemical!! We have been trying for 9yrs!!!!! We have donated sperm and eggs as well and we know the sperm donation resulted in a baby for the recipient.
    Im so worried and very sad.

    • I am so sorry to hear your story. You are such a trooper! It’s such a rough road and so unfair. I am sending you many good vibes, thoughts and wishes. You soooo deserve for the next journey to begin. Many hugs to you. Don’t give up!

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